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Species of Special Concern

The Preserve is home to a wide variety of species of special concern and State and Federally Threatened or Endangered species. Please note that status is subject to change with updated classifications, and some species may be added as they are documented on the Preserve. Key: SSP=Species of Special Concern; ST=State-Threatened; FT=Federally-Threatened; FE=Federally Endangered

Sarracenia minor. Photo by J. Lemmons.Platanthera cristata. Photo by C. Hubbuch.


  • Lilium catesbaei - pine lily (ST)
  • Pinguicula caerulea - blueflower buttorwort (ST)
  • Pinguicula lutea - yellow buttorwort (ST)
  • Platanthera blephariglottis var. conspicua - white-fringed orchid (ST)
  • Platanthera cristata - crested yellow orchid (ST)
  • Pogonia ophioglossoides - rose pogonia (ST)
  • Sarracenia minor - hooded pitcher plant (ST)
Pogonia ophioglossoides. Photo by J. Lemmons.


  • Alligator mississippiensis - American alligator (FT)
  • Gopherus polyphemus - gopher tortoise (ST)


  • Least tern - Sterna antillarum (ST)
  • Little blue heron - Egretta caerulea (SSP)
  • Gopher tortoise
  • Tricolored heron - Egretta tricolor (SSP)
  • White ibis - Eudocimus albus (SSP)
  • Wood stork - Mycteria americana (FE)


  • Florida mouse - Podomys floridanus (SSP)
  • Fox squirrel - Sciurus niger (SSP)
  • Panther - Puma concolor (FE) *old record*

Please refer to the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for detailed listings of Florida's imperiled species.

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